Who We Are

Retail Reinvented is the Internet retailing partner for fashion and lifestyle brands. Since 2012, Retail Reinvented builds and manages branded online stores for fashion brands looking to expand their retail business on the Internet.  With years of Internet industry experience and online shopping expertise, Retail Reinvented offers on-demand e-commerce department solutions.

eCommerce Technology

With over 25 years of eCommerce expertise, the RR team is technically and creatively charged to deliver full-scale e-commerce platforms. We have been working with Magento since 2010 and offer custom Magento solutions for retail and wholesale e-stores.  
The offline retail shopping experience continues to morph as shoppers use retail stores as “showrooms”. We develop multi-channel solutions to adapt to the changing retail marketplace by reinventing retail with Internet technologies.  


With a strong background in web design and open-source software development, RR has created custom websites for over 50 global brands. Our programming and development team supports Magento, Spree, Solidus, Shopify and bespoke JavaScript frameworks .


Open Source Software Expert Programming and Development, including JavaScript, Linux, PHP, mySQL, Java, Ruby, Perl and Python. We develop websites for commerce and content distribution.

Web + Mobile

Commerce requires full compatibility across multiple devices and situations. We develop solutions that can be upgraded or expanded to new channels on-demand and with minimal downtime.


Website performance and scalability planning is required to optimize online revenues and customer experience. We help with Magento performance tuning and server configurations.

eCommerce Platform Development and Management

E-Commerce Marketing Management


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